Thursday, May 31, 2012

Time Warp: Italy 2010

Let's travel back in time, shall we? That way I can share with you my adventures in Europe two (yeesh!) years ago. 

Somewhere in the lake region of Switzerland, on the train to Milan.

After passing through the longest tunnel known to man, we came upon this picturesque view. 

An Italian breakfast. 

Il bar Italiana

Santa Maria Maggiore?... or part of the Duomo? You take your pick. 

Ahh, now that is definitely the Duomo.

Sculptures near the Uffizi

Over the river and through the woods... no?

Back streets of Florence.

Could you imagine living suspended over a river? I would always have the feeling of falling off of the edge. How do they get to either side of the bridge? Is there a giant communal hallway or a central sidewalk I'm not aware of?

View of the train tracks from our B&B balcony.

Thunderstorm and double rainbow, from our balcony. 

Ahh, frutti del mare! Delicious pasta. I have never eaten so much pasta in one week in all of my life. At Vecchio Carlino, almost every night. 


Rowena... said...

I still remember my first european trip (a Cosmos tour 13 years ago!) and how amazing it all was. Hope to read a future post where you'll be back visiting the old country once again!

Bella said...

Two years or not, it was still delightful to view these wonderful shots! All it takes is a little imagination and puf! I'm in Italy eating "pasta al vongele," my favorite! :)

Hannah said...

Oh, it's been a bit over two years since I was in Florence myself! If only we could have had gelato together :)

Jess said...

@ Hannah: We were in Florence at the same time. After reading your blog posts, I remember thinking that I could have run into you during my travels. :)

Jess said...

@ Bella: You're lucky to be in Spain now, sipping wine, eating tapas and photographing inappropriate swim wear. :) Glad you enjoyed the post!

@Rowena: I hope that next time I can take my husband and daughter with me! Though it was nice to have my first trip be a vacation with friends.