Friday, December 3, 2010


My camera is back! But I have no pictures to show you, as they called me only moments ago.
In other news, we'll be moving at the end of our lease in February. Goodbye lovely house.
pretty old house, if I could move you to Madison, I would
I shall miss you. But I will not miss the extremely odorous drive into town everyday. (Yes, odorous. We pass many farms with many cows.)

After an incident with Evelyn this week where she painted my bedspread with red nail polish (when she was supposed to be in bed, NAUGHTY!), I've been thinking about starting a project over winter break to make a quilt instead of purchasing another one. I found a pattern that I like. It's a simple wheel pattern in color on a white background.
picture and pattern here
 What do you think?


little notes said...

pretty pattern. :) hope you find a place you like in madison!

Kaitlin said...

I say do it! And I very much second you moving to Madison :)

Bella said...

How I love quilted bedspreads! I lived a year in North Dakota in a small town and quilting was big. I still remember the breathtaking designs those lovely ladies used to create. Sigh.