Tuesday, October 26, 2010


So, I finally borrowed a camera from the shop until mine is fixed. 5 months and counting, I'm not holding my breath.
But I had completely forgotten that I have numerous cards with pictures from last spring and early summer on them. So without further ado, here are some random snippets.
3 little jams, all in a row
broccoli cheddar soup with mustard croutons

Alex being Alex and hiding Evelyn's toys in my food

yummy rye flour! the start of 298349923 rye bread experiments

rye starter- meet neil
Evelyn on a sugar high at Concerts on the Square, Summer '10

wine smuggled back from Tuscany
The last nice day of October, lonely tracks

kimono and obi for Halloween

pretty embroidery!


little notes said...

5 months seems so long. you sure they know what they are doing? ;)

always fun to go through old photos.

Hannah said...

Mustard croutons!! That sounds delicious! How did you make those?

Jess said...

@ Julie- Hopefully! Apparently the used camera I bought from them was a "grey market" camera meant for sale in Asia. Long story short, they had to ship it to a few different places until they could find one that would fix it.

@ Hannah- Whole grain mustard + butter + crusty whole grain bread + oven time = golden crusty deliciousness. :)

little notes said...

hope you had a nice thanksgiving. didn't really celebrate here...it's different when you aren't in the u.s.

oh yeah, I was wondering, does your email work? I sent you an email recently and not that I think you have to write back right away...but I just remembered you saying something awhile ago about it not working and so I was wondering...

have a good weekend.

Bella said...

Stopped by to check out your blog and I have to say I love the layout--so easy on the eyes! Lovely!