Friday, June 19, 2009

Spreading the Local Slow Food Movement

At a time when it is becoming increasingly hard for small farmers to make ends meet, it is very important to put your money where your ideals are. Just buying organic produce is no longer good enough as the ‘organic’ label has dollar signs attached to it that industrial agriculture is all too eager to cash in. And cash in on it they have. Industrial Organic is no longer something dangerously looming on the horizon, feared by small organic farmers; it is a full fledged reality. Just remember, a product labeled "organic" does not, in any way, denote sustainability or local. Much organic produce is now shipped from across the country if not farther and is actually being produced by companies that have no interest in sustainability. Our question to them is: where do your interests lie? And how concerned are you about the health and well being of your customers? Industrial Organic, shipping across the country or farther, is NOT how we eat sustainably. This may be how our mothers and fathers fed themselves, but we can not continue like this. WE NEED TO FIX THE FOOD PROBLEM.So what are some steps towards fixing the problem? BUY LOCAL! EAT SEASONALLY! By buying locally you are, at the very least, able to investigate how your purchases are produced. You can go to the fields where your potatoes are grown and demand your farmer to show you just how "organic" they are. Plus, by buying locally, your food travels less between the field and your plate which means that it is of higher quality. Also, fresher local produce requires fewer resources to transport. By buying local produce you are supporting your community which means keeping money circulating in the hands of people just like you rather than huge corporations and too many middle men. And, finally by eating locally you are buying into a more sustainable future and keeping people with real ideals like Josh, Noah, Teresa and Mike in business.
-Courtesy of Driftless Organics