Thursday, February 12, 2009



It has been known to my closest friends for awhile now that I have a bit of an obsession with food. I love to cook, bake, candy make, all of the above twice over. Sometimes I even have dreams about working in a sunny professional kitchen (such as at L'etoile), even though I know the hours are long, the labor is hard and the kitchen isn't usually sunny, for lack of windows or stuffed in a basement corner somewhere.
I'm currently pursuing a degree in Art History, which may be just as fanciful as dreaming of large ovens and whisking three dozen eggs for flan. I'll hem and haw and go back and forth on whether or not one is more viable than the other. With Art History, if I pursue it far enough, I would have a career that would not require me to smell like my job on a daily basis, but I wonder if I would get into it and realize that the business world is not where I want to be.
With working in a kitchen, it will be a physically challenging task on a daily basis, demanding that I get decent training so I don't end up grilling steaks for Ruth's Chris, or frying eggs for the diner. The only option in Madison is MATC. I've worked with chefs who have gone through MATC's training at various restaurants, and to say the least, they've been the least apt of their kind. (Not that it couldn't be attributed to the person himself, and not the training. I guess it all depends on your attitude.)
I've thought a bit about the personal chef avenue, but in the current failing economy, that doesn't seem like the most viable option. Owning a bakery? Owning a cafe? Probably the latter more so than the former. Although both would require the early mornings that I abhor. My body just isn't programmed to get up at 4, six seems like a much more reasonable hour.
What are your thoughts on my rambly dilemma?

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Julia said...

does art history guarantee you a good job? I think owning a cafe or bakery would be fun--even thought of it myself--but, yes, there would be lots of work involved and early mornings...guess there are plus and minuses for any job you do. you'll figure it out!