Sunday, February 22, 2009


After working math problems for hours and hours and hours, I'm starting to apply formulas to my surroundings. Milk being steamed? There's a formula in there somewhere, where rate and time exudes pressure to make the milk foam and heat at the correct rate to the correct temperature. I'm one step away from becoming the crazy mathematician in Pi, seeing patterns in everyday life to the point of insanity (not really). But I will concede that I have been at Barrique's for way too long. I'm at the point where I'm in the math groove, but I can't stand that I'm wasting my day working math problems. How do I always let it get to this point? I hem and haw and waste my evenings during the week, playing with my child (exactly HOW important could THAT be?), cooking dinner and the like. I guess we could subsist on frozen pizza and ramen, but that would be a touch too college-esque for me. Help?

(If you're stellar at math, drop me a line, we'll work out a payment arrangement...)

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Julia said...

you should talk to gui :)